DREAM DISCOVERY: A Guiding Philosophy for Dream Exploration

Dog Staring at Full Moon: artist Sarolta Ban

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

We spend seven years of our lives dreaming. Why not gain access to the creative capacity of your dream time? Every night in your dreams you’re on an odyssey to discover a more creative view of your life path and potential. Our dreams spring from our natural wisdom and invite us to live beyond our limiting beliefs. What’s alive in us but forgotten or not yet manifest is welcomed to take center stage in our dreams. Dreams invite us to take a second look.

The dream is an experience of discovery, not a “thing” to be interpreted. If you don’t attempt to put a dream “in a box,” you’ll discover that dreams will guide you to think “outside the box.” Dream Discovery™ brings the dream to life in the present moment and offers multiple opportunities to discover the wisdom of the dream.

The images in our dreams are like multi-faceted diamonds. When we appreciate a dream symbol from various points of view, the light of consciousness illuminates each facet in all its uniqueness revealing a dream’s multiple meanings. Working with dream symbols over time reveals an even greater depth of meaning as it stimulates new insights and shines a light on the dreamer’s ever-evolving path of life discovery. Even if a dreamer only works with a dream image occasionally a single dream can nourish their soul for months and even years.

Dreams in Candlelit Circle: sculptureThe dreamer’s personal experience and insight always reveals the meaning of their dream. Yet dreams speak to us in a language that is universal. When we share a dream with others, the wisdom of our dream will speak to them too and their insights can enrich our own experience. The universality of the wisdom of the dream serves both our personal and collective evolution.


Many dreamers enjoy exploring dreams in dream groups and this practice definitely accelerates dream discovery. At My Dream Life, our dream groups are called Dream Circles. Dream Circles offer opportunities to learn about dreams with the synergy and support of a small group of dreamers like yourself and a professional mentor. In Dream Circles we engage with dreams from multiple perspectives and every dream shared is an inspiration for all members in our dream community. You can learn more here:

Cover Art: Dream Discovery Workbook

Discover the wisdom of your dreams with the Dream Discovery Workbook: A Guided Dream Journal. Kick-start your dream practice, discover the themes of your dreams and the messages of your nightly visitors. Ignite your intuition and creativity as you navigate the dream world, a world without limits in time and space. Cultivate a relationship with your inner life coach and agent for change – Dream Oracle – who knows the next step in your life journey. Allied with your Dream Discovery Workbook, you’ll be on your way to an ongoing treasure hunt in your dreams.

“If you want to understand human nature, the human mind and what makes us tick, you need to look at dreams.”

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D., Boston University School of Medicine

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