DREAM VIDEO: Why Do We Dream?

Dreaming is universal and so is curiosity about dreams. For thousands of years humans have recorded dreams and wondered about their meaning. Even modern scientists have tried to explain this mysterious phenomena by asking this question – what is the function of dreaming?  Why do you think you dream? 
Do you problem solve through dreaming?
Or do you process emotions when you dream?
Are you busy consolidating memories while dreaming?
Or do you act out fantasies of unfulfilled desires in your dreams?
Do you dream to rehearse responses to perceived threats? 
Or do you think you dream just to keep your brain active through the night? Or perhaps you dream to forget unnecessary information?
It could be we create dreams for a variety of reasons. What do you think? 
Educator Amy Adkins and her animator team created this informative video to give a synopsis of seven theories about the function of dreaming offered by modern scientists. Enjoy!

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