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Discover the wisdom of your dreams with The Dream Discovery Workbook: A Guided Dream Journal. Ignite your intuition and creativity as you navigate the dream world, a world without limits in time and space. Kick-start your dream practice and learn Dream Re-Living to discover the messages of your nightly visitors. Build a bridge between your dreaming and waking worlds to cultivate a relationship with your personal life coach – Dream Oracle – who knows the next step in your life journey. Allied with your Dream Discovery Workbook and Journal, you’ll discover the wisdom of your dreams and awaken new dreams for daily life.  About the Author: Hollye Hurst, Ph.D.

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A Guided Dream Journal


Welcome, Dreamers: How to Use Your Dream Discovery Workbook and Journal

Re-Living My Dreams

Introducing My Cast of Characters

Discovering Dream Themes

Honoring Feelings

Challenges and Choices

Dream Oracle

Dream Activism

Dream Incubation and Lucid Dreaming

MY DREAM LIFE JOURNAL:  Journal Pages for Your Dreams


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