DREAM VIDEO: Shamanic Dreaming with Robert Moss

Reindeer People by Susan Seddon Boulet

“Dreaming is fundamentally about waking up to a deeper order of reality and purpose…to the world behind this world.” 

Robert Moss, Ph.D.

Robert Moss is a master of the dream time. Robert’s vast cross-cultural knowledge of the perspective and practices of indigenous shamans informs his approach to dreams which he calls Active Dreaming. Shamans journey beyond time and space using altered states of consciousness to channel transcendental energies for healing body and soul. Shamans understand that the dream state can open pathways for healing and reveal portals to the sacred.

“Through paying attention to our dreams and taking action to embody the energy of our dreams, we can learn a way of practical magic for everyday life. Dreams and synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, are two excellent resources we have to remember there might be a deeper logic to events than the obvious one.”                               

Robert Moss

In this brief video segment of an interview at Esalen, Robert reminds us that in most cultures there is an appreciation of how dreams offer deep insights and a glimpse into possible futures. This perspective has been verified by contemporary sleep and dream researchers who have discovered that dreamers seem to be engaged in rehearsing possible scenarios for the future. In the reality of the dream world there are no limits in time or space. Dreams are windows that reveal what’s most meaningful in our lives and illuminate possibilities for the future. Everyone is a shaman in the DreamTime.

Robert Moss at Esalen with Mel Van Dusen. Approximately 1:30 mins.

In their trance journeys, shamans often engage with animal allies – “power animals” – to receive their guidance and channel their energy for healing work. Mythological literature abounds with examples of human-animal alliances such as Shiva and the bull Nandi and human/animal beings like the Egyptian lion goddess Bast and the Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesh, a guide for both earthly success and spiritual wisdom. Nightly all of us engage in the dream world with animals and other beings – the many voices who participate in this mysterious web of community we’re unaware of in waking life. We may experience them as messengers and guides like shamans do. In the words of Roshi Joan Halifax, author, zen teacher and anthropologist:

“The Earth has many, many voices…Earth is a community that is constantly talking to itself, a communicating universe, and whether we know it or not, we are participating in this web of community.”

       Joan Halifax, Ph.D., Fruitful Darkness

Approximately 3:00 mins.

In this brief video segment Robert further discusses the psycho-spiritual value of the dream world.

“The most important contribution of shamans is that of ‘soul loss’…we’re missing something vital to our souls. We can use dreams as one of the portals for soul recovery.”                

Robert Moss 

As Robert describes, dreams are an important resource for “soul retrieval” and for remembering what’s most important to our deepest self, particularly if we experience a loss of vital energy and feel disengaged from life.

Carl Jung called the path of psycho-spiritual growth the process of individuation. On this path dreaming is recognized as a vital aspect of what Jung called the transcendent function, our inner guide for reclaiming lost aspects of the self and discovering who we are meant to be. Active imagination is a method Jung created that uses visualization and various forms of self-expression to encourage the unconscious to reveal itself for integration into consciousness.

Dream Re-entry, which Robert describes in the video, is based on active imagination. Dream Re-entry is essentially bringing the dream to life in your present experience and this is why we call it Dream Re-Living™ at My Dream Life.

Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Everyone is a shaman in the Dream Time

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