DREAM NEWS: Psi Dreaming Online Conference 2018

Join us for the Online PsiberDreaming Conference 2018

September 23 – October 7, 2018

Before there was the internet there was a Dreamwide Web. The Dreamwide Web is multidimensional, reaching through time, space and states of consciousness in an infinite network of entangled minds. It connects us to one another, to the earth and to our own higher and deeper selves. Explore the Dreamwide Web with our global community – join us for the 17th Online PsiberDreaming Conference.  You can participate 24/7 online for two weeks from September 23, 2018 through October 7, 2018. It’s the only conference you can attend in your pajamas!

Join us from around the world as we enter two weeks of dialogue about our dreams and the development of our psi skills. International Association for the Study of Dream’s 17th PsiberDreaming Online Conference offers 24 presentations from expert dream researchers and dream workers, the Precognitive Dreaming Contest, the Group Psi Game, the PsiberDreaming Art Gallery and the inspiring company of a global community of dreamers.

Regular registration extends throughout the conference.


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