DREAM NEWS: Psi Dreaming Online Conference


Interested in telepathic or precognitive dreaming? Psi dreaming is on the very edge of the vast frontiers of dreaming. “Tuning in to the Frequency” is the theme of the 15th annual PsiberDreaming Conference sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Dreams. It’s coming up September 25-October 9, 2016 and it’s completely online.  Even better – it’s FREE – if you join IASD for the first time!

Participants can tune in online 24/7 to this global conference via a discussion board – there are no “real-time” video presentations or activities aside from occasional chats. Typically this conference also features a dream telepathy and precognitive dreaming contest. To register: PSI-DREAMING2016

The PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, a popular part of this conference, is now open for submissions. Dreamers of all levels of artistic ability are encouraged to submit artwork based on their dreams.

Eligibility: Submit your original artwork in any medium if it’s inspired by and depicting a dream. Acceptable submissions include paintings, drawings, journal sketches, digital artwork, photography, doodles, cartoons, poetry, crafts, textiles, sculpture, poetry, music and animation. One entry per artist. Entry must be accompanied by a textual account of the dream. Images and text will be displayed in an online dream journal format.

2015-Psiber-Tuning-In-to-the-Frequency 2

How to submit: The deadline for submissions is Midnight EDT, Sunday, September 11th, 2016. Submit entry with the exact dimensions of 8″x10″ and at least 150 dpi. Include a textual account of your dream with the online entry form: PSIDreamingArtEntries

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