DREAM VIDEO: Dreams, Telepathy & The Grateful Dead


In Dreams, Telepathy and the Grateful Dead  My Dream Life offers a moment of parapsychological history with a video clip featuring consciousness pioneer Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. meeting up with his old friend Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead musician. In this video, Krippner and Hart reminisce about a dream telepathy experiment at a Grateful Dead concert decades ago. Hart also describes another experiment that altered his perception of time and influenced the Dead’s music. Mickey shares this:

“These experiments allowed our audience to become deep listeners. Deep listening is when you hear below the obvious and you hear inside of things. That is the spirit voice of everything. Most of the good stuff you’ll find out on the periphery of things…beyond your normal perception. You have to look at it and and you have to let go of what you know and be in the moment. Then you can create something of great beauty.”

This intriguing video is followed by tips on how you can get involved in a do-it-yourself experiment with dreams and telepathy.

Video clip approximately 8 minutes

Telepathy experiments, such as the one described in this video clip, typically use the very simple method of one person acting as a sender while the other acts as a receiver. Before the experiment, a subject is selected for the sender to focus on during the experiment with the intention of sending it telepathically to the receiver. During the experiment, the receiver reduces mental activity to calm their mind in order to become as receptive as possible.

As seen in the video, here is what the Grateful Dead senders viewed to instruct them during their experiment. Feel free to “try this at home” by substituting Malcolm’s name and “the Maimonides Dream Lab” with relevant information. Let us know at My Dream Life if you try this or you’ve experienced telepathic dreaming: CONTACT

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Want to participate in a telepathy dreaming contest? For decades the International Association of the Study of Dreams has sponsored a Psi Dreaming Conference which features a dream telepathy and precognitive dreaming contest. To get involved: PSI DREAMING

The full experiment with the Grateful Dead is described on Krippner’s website: STANLEY KRIPPNER


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