Dreams and Spirituality

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Dreams and Creativity


Healing Dreams


Lucid Dreaming


Dreams and Art

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Dreams and Relationship


Kids and Dreams


Psychic Dreams



What Can Dreams Do for You?

Ignite creativity & intuition

Awaken new dreams for daily life

Inspire trust in your inner wisdom

Free you to live a more authentic life

Open pathways for healing

Enhance self awareness & expression

Why not have 24/7 access to your brain’s creative capacity, even while sleeping? We spend about seven years of our life dreaming. Every night in your dreams, you’re on an odyssey to discover a more creative view of your life path and potential. Build a bridge between your daily life and nighttime dreams to create the life of your dreams –  JOIN DREAM CIRCLES.

“Though we seem to be sleeping, there is a spirit that directs the dream that eventually will startle us back to the truth of who we are.”
~ Rumi

What is a DREAM CIRCLE? A Dream Circle is an online dream group. Discover the world of dreams allied with the synergy and support of other dreamers like yourself and a professional mentor with decades of experience. Come check out our online dream community.


Opportunities available for Independent Study or CEU Credits in Dream Studies

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